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If you're thinking, "okay, but who is this girl?" well then let me tell ya some random facts that hopefully you find interesting.


Hey there, I'm Lauren. And first things first, my last name is not Kailan [KY- LYN]. That's my middle name/Chinese name. It stands for victorious/good relationships. My last name is Diec [DEEK].


 I grew up in Wichita, Ks, lived here and there between jobs. But for the past year or so I've resided in Kansas City, and have loved every bit of it and the people here. And I've been desperately trying to keep 2 plants alive since being here, and for some reason have just adopted a baby monstera because maybe I miraculously developed a green thumb...?

Once upon a time..

I was a cheerleader! I know, totally makes sense because I'm so darn peppy... (that's sarcasm, cause that's the real me.)

481893_4235493484240_673282807_n 2.JPG
316323_2193388032962_1821534187_n 2.JPG

In college, a few of my roommates were on the squad and convinced me to come to one of their practices. I walked in, one girl said, "oh she looks looks small- can we throw her?!" That practice, they put me in this here stunt (to the left) and it was the first ever stunt I had ever done. Thus began my short 2 year cheer career. 

I also played tennis and soccer, but for much longer, so that doesn't seem as interesting as the cheer thing. 


Truly a nerd.

I graduated with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I never ever would have thought that was the path God had for me. But it's brought me to Corpus Christi, Texas and Kansas City where I've met the most amazing people and done some of the most amazing things.


The Island.

When I was in Texas I legit lived on what they call "The Island"- North Padre Island to be exact but don't get it confused with South Padre Island. Anyways, my backyard was literally the ocean canals and it was amazing.

176225_10150154371551757_8113635_o 2.JPG

Mini me

This is just me as a kid. Missing those two front teeff. Just thought you might enjoy that.

Adrenaline Junkie

I love me a good rush of excitement and fear. Hence the cheerleading. I also love rock climbing. 


And snowboarding. And a bunch of other dangerous and dumb things. Including having my motorcycles license. But before you ask, no, I have zero desire to ever sky dive.

470700_10151206989058295_2003797782_o 2.

Around the world in...

In 2016, after I graduated college I spent 7 weeks wandering about the world. I left the states for the first time having only bought a ticket to Singapore and a 2 week group tour in London, Paris, and Rome.


I got to do stuff like eat the most amazing gelato in Florence, Italy. Visit the most impactful museums of Berlin, Germany. And be in Paris, France during the Euro Cup when France beat Germany!

And of course, became a certified Guinness pour-er at The Storehouse. It was only after I returned when I realize I had gone literally around the world.

Kansas - California - Singapore - Australia - London - France - Italy - Germany - Ireland - Chicago - Kansas


I love my Po Po

Po Po means my mom's mom in Chinese. She's the sweetest most outspoken little lady you could ever meet and she gave me that ring the first time I visited her in Singapore. She literally took it off her finger and put it on mine. For the most part, you'll find it on my neck, dangling on the necklace she gave me as well.

that hat...

I was shopping with my Po Po in Singapore and I jokingly put this hat on. Like in a 90's show montage fashion. And she, for real, would not let me leave the store without buying it because she loved the way it looked on me.

IMG_0024 2.JPG

Low quality photo, high quality people

This is my family. I don't talk about them near as much as I should. We dont have the most normal family history or relationships but they're pretty stinking awesome and I don't deserve them. 

And that's


I'd love to hear your stories and the random facts that make you, you. I bet you're amazing, and I can't wait to meet you!

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