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I am an engineer by degree and a creative at heart. I know it's not a typical combination but turns out, that's exactly what makes me- me.

Photography has always had a special place in my heart. I have always been the historian of my family. I remember as a kid, being at family and friend gatherings and celebrations thinking that it was important, or even my job, to preserve the moments that we shared together. Not only that, but I loved looking at these photos- my mom had this plastic bin in the dining room that contained hundreds of all these precious memories, ones that I was apart of and ones I could only live through the photo paper. It fueled my desire to collect more and more memories. And to think that I get to not only be apart of all your precious moments but to capture them for you also just makes the little historian in me so proud. 

I also have a heart for adventuring. I truly believe that the world has so much to offer and it's meant to be discovered. You'll often find me skimming the google to find the best flights to somewhere new. I think everyone should step out of their bubble and explore! So let's do that together!

Currently located in the Kansas City area but without borders. Ask me about traveling for your special moments, and I will start packing my bags, like yesterday. Whether that be a short drive away or across the seas I am so there for you.

I love making new friends, so let's chat over a cup of joe (which I also love). 

Engineer. Creative. Daughter of the King.



+ THE MOUNTAINS. (and snowboarding)

+ ADVENTURING & TRAVEL. Bucket list includes: Iceland, Spain, Japan

+ MY HOME. I call KC home for now, but also my house that has been frustrating and beautiful to build up on my own. 

+ BEING ACTIVE. Current obsession has been running- we'll see how long that lasts. But hoping to achieve my goal of a 10k!


I want to meet you!

Kansas Photography \\ Everywhere Photography

My favorite part of this all is getting to meet new and wonderful people. I want to hear your story, talk about what you're dreaming up, or what you think life has in store for you. I would absolutely love it if you let me treat you and yours to some coffee.


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